Special Effects and Up Lighting

Add elegant and eye-pleasing up-lighting to your wedding reception area or event special event venue. Up-lighting is used on walls, columns or spotted onto a specific area bringing a beautiful and stimulating feel to your event room area. Temporary Tempo can even place up-lighting outside of the venue to highlight architectural items  and add color to create that amazing look you will remember forever. Up-lighting is typically placed on the floor to shine up in columns,  on walls, behind trees and directed at other props to give an elegant look.

Temporary Tempo merges the latest technology with your vision and our creativity to suit the look and feel you want to achieve at your event. As well as being highly versatile, lighting is one of the most cost- effective ways of making your event exceptional. You can choose how you want to transform your room or event venue with LED up-lighting.

Change the color of the room, change the color of the walls, or simply highlight your sweetheart or buffet table.  Ask  how the nearly infinite color options of up-lighting can be incorporated into your special day.

Preview for our high energy and elegant lighting

Ask about adding custom gobos (project images on the floor or wall – even custom art!) for your special event.

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